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08 June 2018

Igor Yedmore on Arduino

Arduino     Igor is largely responsible for our R&D.

We sit him in a corner of the office with a bunch of technical stuff and he does things with it.

On these pages, Igor shows us the results of his labours using Arduino and stuff.

So many microprocessors, so little time.

If you don't know what an Arduino is, you probably bask in the freedom of ignorance. Unfortunately, for the rest of us, the arduino is just another one of the zillions of microprocessors available today, likely created by the devil himself, in order to direct our attention away from who 'really' created the universe and all the stuff in it.

Before I describe the other zillion to you, let me just concentrate on the Arduino and some of its little bothers and sisters.

As these pages are new, I must start somewhere. I will start with the most recent thing I worked on. Whilst it is still fresh in my mind, I can document it here.

Let's start with a TFT touch screen which I bought cheap on Ebay. Probably because the previous owner got fed up with its constant ability to....well....not work.

------------ Igor