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08 June 2018


Wemos D1 Mini     Having so-far used Arduino Uno and Nano along with ESP8266-01 for our IOT type projects, we have begun experimenting with Wemos D1 Mini. Especially since there is now much more support for the Arduino IDE, plus a great deal more functionality due to many more code libraries becoming available.

On these pages, we will show some of the experiments we have conducted using this little gem.

Wemos TFT Example

The following information assumes you have at least an idea of what a Wemos D1 Mini is and how to add libraries, program and upload using the Arduino IDE.

In our first project, we will get a cheap TFT LCD screen up and running with some example code.

Later, we will see if we can use one of these as an add on to our radar/sonar project.

We will be building these pages as we go, so they are very much under construction.