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28 May 2020

general elecronics pages

Here you will find details about some of our general electronics projects, including diagnosis and repair of various bits of cheap Chinese detritus we have had the stupidity to purchase from Bangbay and Egood and all the other vendors on Cheapskates Parade.

A to D converter

ads1115    As part of our robot controller project, we needed two joystick inputs. The Raspberry Pi Pico only has 3 analogue inputs and one of those is used for the internal temperature sensor. We use one analogue input to measure battery voltage. Leaving one analogue input spare.

Our joysticks require 4 analogue inputs.

Here we will use the ADS1115 analogue input expander to give us the analogue inputs we need.


>> ADS1115 >>>

Capacitive Soil moisture sensor

capsense    As part of our Greenfinger project, we required some way to measure soil humidity.

Not long into that part of the project, we found that something was very amiss with our chosen sensor. After publishing a Youtube video on the subject, we received several interesting comments and some intereresting new observations.

Feeling the need to keep our viewers updated and to share their new information, we created the CapSense pages.

>> Capacitive Soil Moisture sensor repair >>

TV Repairs

We are working on these pages. Check back soon for new updates.